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 Bilderberg Main-10Man

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PostSubject: Bilderberg Main-10Man   Thu Jul 29, 2010 3:27 pm

Our main raid is a group of raiders dedicated to progression. We seek to be at the top of our game every night, and bring the best we have to offer.

We are currently actively recruiting the following class(es) on a main raider status basis:

-Arcane(preferred:main)/Fire mage
-Disc or Holy priest

Raid times are 2-6AM server Wednesday/Thursday/Monday.

Bilderberg Group raid is currently: 7/7 (normal) [Firelands]
1/7 Hard Mode

Please make a new topic titled with your class and spec(s) and include your answers to the following information:
Quote :
- Character Name:
- Armory link:
- Have Ventrilo?:
- Previous raid experience:
- Can make the raid times:
- Prepared to work outside raid times to improve your character and obtain consumables:
- Willingness to fit into the vision of the raid and raid leadership:
- Stamina to raid like you want to be there, even if outcomes are not favorable on a given night:
- Ability to play the class you bring to the raid (yes dps warriors, it’s your job to keep stacks of sunder on the boss at all times if there is no prot warrior, same goes for rogues with expose armor if there are no warriors):
- Willingness to work towards improving yourself clear cut benchmarks for your role:
- Ability to take criticism, instruction and advice (if I tell you that 1200 dps as a hunter is not good enough and you need to improve what will your response be?) (if you’re told to avoid fires, can you, in fact, avoid them?):

Beside those raid qualities, we would also prefer for you to have:
- a likable personality:
- a sense of humour:
- some common sense:
- and to be considerate of others:

Also, would you be available to join the guild? (Not a deciding factor, however, good to know.)
Thank you for your interest, and we will get in contact with you soon.
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Bilderberg Main-10Man
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