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 Ret Paladin

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PostSubject: Ret Paladin   Wed Jul 27, 2011 7:49 am

- Vacilion
- I do have Vent, yes.
- 4am for me, so doesn't clash with anything. ^_^
- I would like to think I'm a fairly enjoyable person to interact with.
- I just spent 3 days grinding out an Apparatus. (Which I find to be a very unwieldy trinket. It's better than License, but very unreliable for a ret to stack up the 5 stacks in a timely maner. Looking forwards to ditching it for the Revered trinket from Avengers.) Working on buying my bracers. So yeah, anything you guys need me to do to improve my ability let me know.
- Raid experience? Hm. Top 5 guild in Wrath up through the LK, (Morning glory), was out due to school for awhile, recently ran BoT and BWD. Wiped with a few PuGs against Shanox.
- Yeah. I stay abridged on all changes in mechanics to my class on EJ, (For instance, following the haste changes with a close eye), and always willing to improve when told. If I'm standing in fire, I'll pay more attention next time, if my DPS is low I'll go beat my head on a target dummy and figure out what's going on. Might be a mobility issue I can fix, or a mechanic in the fight that needs to alter my rotation slightly.
- Says the guy that misspelled humor. ^_^
- Common of the senses, check.
- Again, I'd like to think so.
- Whatever needs done.
- Yeah. I'm a fairly competetive person, in so far as I like being the best I can be. I was one of the best Rets in Wrath, and I want to be again in Cata.
- We stalled on the LK for...a month, I believe, or seemed like it. I got up 3 days a week to wipe again and again with only slight signs of progression. I have no issues beating my head raw against the wall until the wall comes down.
- Yeah. As mentioned, I stay abridged of what's going on with paladins as closely as I can without being Exemplar.

Final note: I'm aware that you're not looking for Ret's at the moment, and that's fine. casual play isn't my cup of tea, which is what my guild has devolved into, and Boterbolem is a guildie of mine from Wrath days so I figured this was a good starting point. So if you guys are ever looking for a Ret, look me up. ^_^
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PostSubject: Re: Ret Paladin   Wed Jul 27, 2011 10:05 am

Vacilion wrote:

- Says the guy that misspelled humor. ^_^

I'd love to say "we're Aussies", but that's sort of a lie coming from one of the three... four... few... nutty Americans in the guild. However, I'm all for spelling the crazy way with an extra 'u' in humour. Razz

[One of the important folks in guild will read this sometime soon, I assure you. ^^]
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Ret Paladin
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